How to ensure the environmental protection of the showcase?

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for the quality of life, and they are increasingly pursuing the environmental protection performance of products. Today, the editor of Red Penguin will tell you how to ensure the environmental protection of the showcase, mainly from the perspectives of merchants and consumers.

First, businesses should avoid excessive formaldehyde. There is a professional concept here, that is, the amount of formaldehyde released is unqualified. The so-called unqualified amount of formaldehyde emission means that the detected value is greater than the standard value, which shows that the enterprise does not strictly control the procurement and use of the important raw material man-made board, and it is not easy to use in production. The quality of the adhesive used in the process is not good, and it may be used excessively.

Second, merchants must strictly control the production process of showcases. Some non-standard small manufacturers save materials and reduce processes in order to reduce costs, resulting in some products with unqualified quality. The key to raw materials and material selection is not strictly controlled, resulting in pulleys breaking and falling off and layout deformation during the use of showcases. cause the material to be discarded.

Third, when buying, buyers should look for the use of imitation orders.

In addition, many people mentioned that the newly bought showcase will have an odor, and this odor is difficult to get rid of in a short period of time, so the editor will share with you several solutions here:

First, when we choose showcases, we must look for environmentally friendly showcases. Some merchants use inferior paint when coloring the showcases, resulting in the volatilization of odors that are harmful to the human body. Do not buy such showcases;

Second, for the showcase with peculiar smell, it should be placed in a spacious and ventilated environment, which is conducive to the emission of peculiar smell;

Third, we can also place some odor-removing things on the odorous display cabinets, such as orange peel, sour vinegar, soda, which have a certain effect on removing the odor.

Fourth, here, it is not recommended that you use some scented items to cover up the odor, because this cannot remove the harmful substances in the odor.

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