Matters needing attention in acrylic product display stand

  1. The surface of the acrylic product display stand is easy to be scratched, so we should pay attention when using the plexiglass display stand.

Be careful with scratches, we can restore the original luster by polishing.

  1. Acrylic product display stands are also easy to generate static electricity, attracting surrounding dust, which makes the surface of the plexiglass display stand not too dry

Therefore, we need to clean and maintain the plexiglass display stand regularly. If cleaning, just use a soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% fertilizer

Just wipe with soapy water.

  1. There will be thermal expansion and contraction of acrylic product display stand, so we should pay attention to the use of plexiglass display stand when installing.

It is best to leave a certain gap.

  1. Acrylic product display stands are highly sensitive to temperature. Generally, when we use plexiglass display stands, we should not exceed 90 degrees, otherwise

It is easy to cause problems.

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