Warm congratulations to the successful launch of the website

Warm congratulations to the successful launch of the website of Dongguan Haiyi Trading Co., Ltd.! Thanks for the technical support of Jindao Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for our website, welcome new and old friends to visit and browse the website.

We are in Dongguan City, south of China, which is the manufacturer center of the world. We focus on custom displays and store fixtures, such as metal display, wire display, wood display, acrylic display, LED indoor light-box and interactive display etc. we have been supplying customers one-stop experience from design, manufacturing, quality management, to export global delivery and excellent after-sales service.

We have at least 10 years’ODM/OEM experience to provide you with complete and professional services. We have strong net-work relationships with industry-leading display makers in different processes, we combine all of them together to use efficient tools and software to significantly reduce design issues, avoid repeated modifications. shorten lead time for cost saving. We provide one-station solutions including door to door transportation and import duty clearance. Everything is for high efficiency and creating value for customers.

Quality! Quality! Quality! We are a trustworthy partner of many well-known brands and enterprises, such as Pepsi, Victoria’s Secret, Nestle, Red Bull, Nike, Bacardi, L’Oréal, P&G and more others.

Our contact details are as follows:

Contact: Wendy Huang

Mobile: +86-18688672949

Email: wendyqhqq@163.com

Address: Room 130, Building 2, No. 10, Longxi Road, Nancheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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